More about me!

My name is bailey and Iv'e been working in customer service full time for a little over 2 years. I things like time management and working with customers various needs. As a server assistant I had to be on my toes with many customers coming in and out, meeting their needs on a timely manner and making sure they leaved satisfied. During my time in Highschool is where my interest was really peeked in coding though. Often spending late nights modding various games with my friends over Skype. I knew this something I was interested in but for longest time didn't know where to go with that interest..

That is until I thankfully stumbled across Centriq and heard word of mouth from a neighbor of mine how awesome their program was. Well, I took the tour and was blown away almost imediately. I am now at Centriq taking their Full Stack Web Application Development course in the evenings and being brought new challenges each and every day. I want to get my foot into this industry on a company where I can further expand my coding knowledge and grow as a developer. Hopefully sometime after dip my feet into coding games!